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The ultimate guide to things to prioritise when #WorkingFromHome!

The work from home  package comes with a complimentary package of distractions during the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). In UK the government has ordered people to only go out if necesaary. One needs to prioritise their tasks and goals in order to keep themselves on track and effectively work from home. There are a few tips on how to stay focused during these times and work actively towards achieving goals while Work from home. To have a better idea of what these hacks are, read this article.

Work from home can turn out to be highly effective for some people while for others, it might not be as productive. Lack of a proper workspace and work environment, it can be hard to keep yourself focused on your work. Without that office desk, chair, supervision and your beloved desktop, working can get unsettling. It is easy to take your mind off essential things.  To Some of us might set up our ideal workplace with our laptop on the study table, a cup of coffee by their side and their daily notes next to them but still fail at getting the most out of their day. Inspite of being very sure that we are ready to take on the challenges of the day, work from home can still be a struggle if one fails to prioritise their work.overcome this, one needs to set their targets, arrange a specific workplace, form a schedule and ensure some supervision and to maintain work life balance as well.

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Pros and Cons of Work from Home:

It has been concluded from many researches that home is viewed as the most productive environment for work. Work from home employees not only work from a more comfortable place but effectively work more than an average office goer.

Benefits of working from home
The advantages for work from home employees are as follows:

  • There are no external distractions like unnecessary phone calls, colleagues, work breaks or workplace activities. Moreover, there is no hassle to attend meetings or report to superiors or address juniors. This saves a lot of time and effort, which is usually wasted in office-related activities of such.
  •  Adjusting to just any working environment can be difficult and one is by default adjusted to the fundamentals of their homes. At home, one is relaxed and this boosts energy and helps in working more effectively.
  • Work from home allows us to take charge of our decisions and thereby we can work according to our free will. You can work in a way that you believe works best for you, which will improve your morale and make your work more exciting and creative too.

The disadvantages of a work from a home employee is as follows:

  • Work from home poses different challenges with a new different set of distractions like your pet, family and neighbours.
  • Moreover, it can prove to be very harmful to your productivity if you are working without any professional supervision.
  • Since work from home might not have any specific work hours, one might end up slacking off or working too much.
  • It involves a lot of working in isolation without much communication which can lead to a feeling of loneliness which further addicts your work.

One needs to consider all pros and cons of a work from the home situation and assess their work behaviour accordingly. Not only will you need to create habits suitable to the situation, but also adapt to the new changes in the environment and effectively work throughout every day.

What are the Distractions to avoid?

As we have established, remote workspace comes with its own set of challenges. In work from home scenario, it can be easy to lose focus which in turn can affect your productivity. Although it might seem like there are very few distractions available, there are way more than you can think. To keep yourself focused at home and work effectively, here are a few ways you can do so:

  • Stay motivated at all times: Self-motivating videos, music or a mantra can help you motivate yourself and boost your morale. Have confidence in yourself, think straight, be positive and most importantly set your objectives for the day and work towards it.
  • Identify your distractions and cut them out: If your distractions involves your loud neighbours, put on earbuds. If your distraction consists of getting caught up in the dishes, don’t get out of your room unless you have completed your tasks for the day. However, the disturbance may be; it is essential to find an appropriate solution and beat it.
  • Appreciate your work: Try to make your job more exciting sitting at home by creating small steps to your ultimate goal. You can set up smaller tasks and when you are done with them, reward yourself a coffee break or a snack to keep your enthusiasm up for the work.
  • Control your urge to check your phone: Getting distracted by your phone notification is the most common problem for most work from home employees. That Facebook post, that Instagram tag and that YouTube notification can be hard to ignore, and before you know it, you have been carried away into wasting your precious time. Try muting your notifications if you can. Otherwise use applications to set specific apps to send you notifications during your work hours.
  • Set your goals: As someone who works without supervision from any authority, it is important to set your own achievable goals for the day. Write down things you want to do by the end of the day somewhere, and that will motivate you to work towards them.

Workplace environment:

To attain a perfect workplace environment, it becomes crucial to stay on track and remain motivated in order to generate best outputs. Choose a place in your home you enjoy the most spending time in. Add some familiar office elements to it to make it more relatable to your work place than a space of leisure. It is a great idea to personalise your space with pictures and posters if that suits you.
Make sure you are comfortable in the space you choose. A comfortable chair and a desk should be enough to keep you focused on your work. Try to select an area that you can shut yourself in if required to keep your distractions out. Make sure your line of view is clear of any apparent visual disturbance that can bother you.
Get your workspace organised:  Organising your workspaceis a crucial step if you want to keep yourself at your desk without making excuses to move about.

Set up your desk as you would have wanted in your office. Make sure your desk is suitable for you and spacious enough not to clutter your things. Next, get all the things you might need and arrange them so that everything is in your reach at all times. Try not to leave your desk for anything even if it is a simple stapler or a pen, keep all your requirements near you. Spend a few minutes tidying up your desk at times to clear your mind as well as to keep your workspace clean.
These few hacks on prioritising work will eventually ensure that we are achieving our optimum level of productivity while working from home and at the same time conserving a major chunk of your energy.

Let’s make work from home more productive than and purposeful. If you’re in search of jobs in UK during Covid-19, check our latest job openings.



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