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Writing a letter of recommendation for your subordinate

Letters of recommendations are a prime requisite of getting selected of chosen to any institute and organization, be it studies or your place of work. Your past academic records and work experience do speak a lot about you.  No one would doubt your credentials after you produce your academic qualifications or your former company details and other notable projects and achievements you had in your past job. But the way you were able to fit in and the way you do your work is of more importance to a good institute or company. 

Talent won’t be helpful if you are not able to fit into the place and the company or university any good. This is where the utmost importance of the letter of recommendation arises and is extremely vital in judging someone’s acceptance to any company or university. A letter of recommendation is other more than a letter written by a supervisor from your past company or from a professor you last graduated from, someone who has seen you up and close and knows how your work and how much of a good fit you will be for your future endeavors. 

All strengths, weakness and credibility are written in a letter of recommendation from your senior’s point of view. They are mainly aimed to uphold or highlight your skills and achievements from the time both- you and your supervisor have been or worked together. It generally presents the reader with a quick analysis of your attitude and energy at work so that they can access who it might be for you to work with them.

Companies like Collabera UK often ask or consider the letter of recommendation the most while you run a background check on the person before sending them the offer letter to join. In most of the cases, the replies are decided and send back to the applicant after a complete analysis with the other applicants within three to four weeks. In the case of universities, student applicants use the recommendation letters to get university grants, department scholarships or research findings. 

What follows below is detailed information on how to write a professional letter of recommendation for a student or a subordinate you have had been with quite some time so you have a complete idea what to expect when you might be asked for a letter of recommendation from a former employee or colleague.

 What is the price of you putting the effort into a letter of recommendation for someone?

The question is pretty obvious and plain. What good is happening on how you write the letter of recommendation? You are not the one getting the job anyway. So why the extra pain? There are three main reasons why it is worthwhile to put in the effort for a proper letter of recommendation.

Creating a potential point of referral

There might be a time when say after five or ten years s you end up applying for the place you are writing a letter of recommendation for. There is the person you wrote the application for already working in the company and he would likely look to return in the favor and help you to get the job or position you are vying for.

Sign of a good professional deed

Deeds, like referring to someone or writing a good letter of recommendation for someone, is seen as a good sign of professionalism. It creates a good vibe about you among others when they get to know that you helped someone to get a job.

Better future for a promising subordinate

If the person who you are writing the letter of recommendation for is a model example of what you wanted every subordinate to be like, or even better then it is quite certain you would want to prepare and write a proper letter of recommendation for him for all the sacrifices and efforts he or she has put up for the organization, firm, department of the university.

Part of a proper letter of recommendation letter

There are quite a few parts of a good letter of recommendation that needs to be filled into and include everything worthy that needs to be written in that section.

Beginning with a proper salutation.

This is the professional area you are dealing with. This is what makes it even more important to put up a proper salutation as a sign of respect between you and the person you are writing the letter to. It is also recommended to use the company or the university logo or even better write the letter of recommendation in the letterhead of the company or the university. The letter begins with a date, the name of the recipient, the position and the business address of the person.

Mentioning your position or designation right

The first paragraph should have a few words of who you are at the company or the organization you are working at and also how you know the student. In simpler terms, you mention your details and the working relationship between you and the person for whom you are writing the letter. These briefly enlist both your titles or designations and the length of the time you have been working together and how.

Writing a good recommendation body

This is the most important part for everyone who is associated with the letter. The applicant because all the most important information is provided in this section, you, because you are writing about his abilities and qualities here and thirdly and most importantly, this is where the reviewers pay the most attention. Try focusing more on the soft skills and description of the applicant that you would have wanted if you were in the place of the reviewer.

 A worthwhile ending

Nail the ending with a proper conclusion as to why he should be selected and a follow-up invitation for contacting you of they have any questions about the applicant.

This is some of the important that is required to write a letter of recommendation for your subordinate.


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